BondMatch: Liquidity and Transparency

An electronic platform allows qualified debt markets participants to trade euro-denominated corporate, financial and covered bonds.

NYSE Euronext’s debt market is rapidly expanding. In the US, the all-electronic NYSE Bonds trading platform operates the largest centralized bond market of any US exchange, offering price transparency for a broad range of bonds. Across the Atlantic, NYSE Euronext is home to a well-diversified and robust European debt market, comprising bonds, medium term notes and money market instruments.


Review the latest trading announcements on the NYSE Euronext Bonds platform.

Review the latest developments at the European markets of NYSE Euronext. 

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Bond Liquidity Providers (BLPs) improve price discovery, liquidity, competitive quotes, and other opportunities.


NYSE Bonds leverages NYSE Arca’s all-electronic trading platform to provide efficient and transparent trades

NYSE Bond Book

The NYSE Bond Book displays the full depth of book, last sale, high/low trade, volume and closing price.

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Bond Directory

European debt instruments carry multiple interest rate, redemption, and reimbursement options.

European BLPs

Bond Liquidity Providers (BLPs) place a orders with a minimum volume and a maximum bid/ask spread.

Trading Cycle

Trade during the entire trading day on a price-driven continuous basis or auction mechanism.

Trading Safeguards

Trading safeguards control price fluctuations by means of a set of formal mechanisms.