A Bond Liquidity Provider (BLP) is a NYSE Euronext member that agrees to place a buy order and/or a sell order.  

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The financial crisis has highlighted the role played by the bond market as a privileged financial resource for businesses while increasing investors’ appetite for listed debt instruments. Attuned to the recent changes that have affected the bond market, NYSE Euronext has established a series of measures aimed at facilitating the pairing of issuers and investors in its markets.

Trading Cycle

Trading is possible during the entire trading day on a price-driven continuous basis or auction mechanism. The central order book is open from 07.15 to 17.40 CET. 

Trading Safeguards

Trading safeguards control price fluctuations by means of a set of formal mechanisms such as volatility interruptions (freezes, reservations), thresholds and reference prices. 

Order Types and Processing

NYSE Euronext offers a variety of Order Types, and the TCS enables NYSE Euronext to report trades executed on- and off-order book.

Trading Methods

The prices of debt instruments listed for trading on NYSE Euronext’s regulated European markets can be quoted in several different ways.


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