NYSE Euronext Bonds: Introducing Sukuk

Sukuk (singular sak) are Islamic financial certificates, similar to bonds, which comply with Sharia, Islamic law. Sukuk must be asset-backed in order to be acceptable or halal. A pure monetary underlying is considered to be haram or unacceptable.

To accompany changes in bond products and meet issuers’ and investors’ needs, NYSE Euronext has now made it possible for issuers to list their Sukuk* and similar securities on the main market and the professional segment of its regulated market in Paris. This innovation provides new opportunities for all investors looking to put their surplus cash into Sharia-compliant investment vehicles.

These vehicles give French and international issuers access to a new investor base, whose investment policies incorporate the notion of sharing financial risk.

The offering and listing of a Sukuk issue on NYSE Euronext Paris guarantees issuers:

  • access to the world’s largest pool of capital
  • the status afforded by a listing on NYSE Euronext
  • the expertise of the listing teams to support issuers throughout the process
  • the reliability and security of NYSE Euronext’s market infrastructure

Read the Euronext Paris Segment for Sukuk and Equivalent Securities.

For more information, please contact the debt markets team: debtmarkets@nyx.com