Key Listing Conditions

Summary of the main eligibility criteria for bonds listing on NYSE Euronext:

Minimum issuance €200,000 (public or private placement)
Past financial statements 3 years certified financial statements if applicable
Accounting standards EUissuer:
Non-EU issuer: IFRS

US/Canadian/Chinese/Indian/Japanese/South Korean GAAP
Local GAAP with IAS/IFRS reconciliation

Required documents Regulator-approved prospectus
  • Upon admission to listing, the nominal amount of corporate bonds must amount to no less than €200,000.
  • The submission of certified financial statements dating back no less than three years.
  • A regulator must have approved a prospectus.

For more details, click here for Euronext’s harmonised market rules.

Note: The relevant NYSE Euronext Market Undertaking may as a condition to admission to listing/trading require that the relevant corporate bonds be rated by a rating agency or require that a guarantee for the principal amount and interest be supplied by a parent company or third party.