Benefits of Listing Bonds

There are a number of ways for a company to raise debt in order to finance growing business and development needs. To help issuers find the best solution suited to their funding needs, NYSE Euronext offers a simple and efficient listing process combined with a choice of listing venue.

By issuing debt securities through NYSE Euronext, companies gain access to one of the most secure and orderly secondary trading markets in the world, thereby benefiting from greater visibility and increased liquidity.

To ensure issuers experience a favorable market environment, NYSE Euronext works closely with national regulators and trade associations to foster enhanced transparency and efficiency.

Today, our dedicated debt market has over 3,800 securities listed and available for trading. More than 600 issuers have chosen to list their debt instruments on one of NYSE Euronext’s European markets, with trade turnover topping €11.6 billion in 2009.

And the role played by NYSE Euronext’s dedicated bond market as a financial resource for companies shows no signs of slowing. In the first six months of 2010 daily turnover on the secondary market averaged nearly €70 million, representing a near 50 percent increase YTD (to June end 2010).

Listing your debt via NYSE Euronext guarantees you:

  • A choice of listing venues adapted to your funding and regulatory needs
  • A secure listing process that is simple, quick and competitively priced
  • The ability to list and trade your instruments in all major world currencies
  • A global distribution network that enhances exposure and provides access to the world’s largest pool of capital
  • A one-stop shop offering a full range of services: listing, trading and post-trade solutions
  • A rapid time-to-market for your issuance schedule

An efficient and transparent secondary market, offering the opportunity to reduce your funding costs in the long term