Listing Euronext Bonds


"Previously, 90 to 95% of trading on the bond market was OTC. With BondMatch, issuers now have visibility over prices and can consult the value of their debt." -Nathalie Masset, Deputy Director, European bond market.

Companies are increasingly using bonds to meet their financing needs. In recent years there has been a sharp rise in the popularity of corporate bonds, and the number of issues is rising steadily as investors discover the many possibilities these bonds can offer.

Benefits of Listing

Issue debt securities on Euronext to access to one of the most secure and orderly secondary trading markets in the world.

Application Procedure

A simple and efficient process facilitates the admission to listing/trading of debt securities.

Key Listing Conditions

A brief explanation of listing standards on the European Bonds platform.

Listing Fees

A new pricing schedule and now posts the best standard pricing for one-time issuers


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