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NN Group N.V.

NN Group N.V. lists €1bn bond on Euronext Amsterdam.

The financial crisis highlighted the bond market’s role as a privileged financial resource for businesses that also increases investors’ appetite for listed debt instruments. Attuned to recent changes that affected the bond market, Euronext has established a series of measures to facilitate pairing issuers and investors in its markets.

Brussels-Capital Region

Euronext celebrates the Brussels-Capital Region’s first bond listing on Euronext Brussels

NIBC lists €500 million bond in Amsterdam

The deal was very well received in the market. The order book was three times oversubscribed with a total of around EUR 1.5 billion, underlining the interest shown by institutional investors from among others Germany, the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, France and the Nordic countries” Niek Allon, Associate Director Treasury of NIBC Bank.

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